A sweet summer elopement

Emi & Cory opted for a simple, elegant, and peaceful elopement in the mountains of Boulder, Colorado. They said they chose to elope because all they really needed was each other on their wedding day, nothing fancy, and I think that's beautiful. When I first arrived at the airbnb I was promptly greeted with puppy licks and Emi and Cory waving hello. I helped Emi get into her stunning wedding dress upstairs and then we headed out of the cabin for some first look shots. The huge smile on Cory's face said it all, they are such a blissfully in love couple. After snacking on some cheese and grapes and making sure everything was ready, we ventured out into the pouring rain, the two dogs, Emi, Cory, and Cory's best friend, Matt. After driving down a long dirt mountain road we arrived at a lovely little hiking trail and rushing river. Matt officiated the ceremony, Emi and Cory both shared their handwritten vows, rings, and finally the sweetest kiss to seal the deal. Next, we adventured into the mountains. Emi and Cory were barefoot, quiet, and pensive. I cannot say enough how peaceful the entire day felt, there was no rushing, no worrying, just simple, quiet, love between Emi and Cory. After the ceremony we headed back to the airbnb, popped some champagne, shared a little lemon cake, and left the newlyweds to themselves in their lovely mountain cabin. I wish Cory & Emi the absolute best, and am so thankful that I got to be part of their elopement.