I have been an artist my entire life but started photography as a way to express the beauty and emotion of this human existence.  Through photography I have found a deep passion for capturing love stories; the in-between moments, the belly laughs, the silly inside jokes, the pure emotion- I love all of it.  I want to be part of your wild and wonderful story and create images that forever hold these precious and fleeting moments.


a little bit about me


Hello friend! I am twenty four years old and am currently based in Fort Collins, Colorado where I work as a middle school art teacher and photographer.  I am half Persian and my name “Farrah” means "happiness" in Farsi.  I am pretty introverted but love learning about the world through the eyes of others.  My Meyers Briggs personality is INFJ and I’m a Virgo.  I have been an artist my entire life, and have been doing photography professionally for about five years.  I love being in the mountains, cuddling my cats, and drinking coffee. My best friend is also my husband, John, and our two cats, Luna and Sol. My favorite movies are anything from Studio Ghibli.

Mostly, I just love life and am very thankful to be here on this planet, in this moment.


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