dreamy and authentic imagery

Here to capture the beauty and emotion of this human existence. The love stories, the in-between moments, the belly laughs, the silly inside jokes, the pure emotion- I love all of it. I want to be part of your wild and wonderful story and create images that forever hold these precious and fleeting moments.

"There's a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in."

All of us are real, imperfect humans, this is what makes us beautiful. It is through our wounds and cracks that we are able to fill with light and find hope, joy, and love. Love is not staged or perfect, it's silly and messy and wonderful. This is what I want to capture with you, your most dreamy and authentic moments. Love is all that we truly have, and I want to create images with you that showcase your story and journey through life together. 

"Farrah’s passion for photography shows in every single shot she takes. Because of her beautiful art, we can look back on our picture perfect day and remember each and every moment for a lifetime."

—Brigette N.