Adventuring with the longhorn cows

What a unique and exciting wedding day this was! We ventured out to the Platte River Fort in Eastern Colorado. The venue featured a rustic barn, scenic views of the distant mountains, and most excitingly- Longhorns!! Surrounded by family and friends Prommiss and Devin shared their written vows and ended the ceremony by pouring colored sand into a clear glass frame. The two colors of the sand blending together perfectly represented the beginning of their harmony and union together. Next we ventured out to see our Longhorn friends! I personally was a little nervous as I’ve never been that close to so many large Longhorns before but they were all sooo friendly and came right up to us as we were taking photos. One little calf even was biting and playing with Promiss’ wedding dress it was so cute. This adventurous day ended with an exciting party in the barn and surrounding area with delicious BBQ, cold beers, and lots of swing dancing.